Thursday, February 21, 2008

Open call for background photos

We need a little help in gathering some of the backgrounds that we put into our game. We need you, the blog reading public to help us fill some of the gaps. So if you have photos in your computer, or know of a place that you can take a picture of that would be a good fit for the description in the list, please post! A couple of things must be said for photos you may want to submit. Firstly, if you're going to submit a photo, you have to assume that it may be used for the final game and must comply under the cc-nc-nd license along with the rest of our stuff (actual specifics are here). Also, if you're going to submit a photo, either comment in this blog post or post in this thread in the boards.

Here is the list:
  • A hospital window. Any kind would do.
  • A hospital room.
  • The Great Hall exterior, a traditional Japanese-style building, modeled on a shoin.
  • Great Hall interior, a cafeteria with wooden walls.
  • A running track, a view from bleachers and from track level.
  • A Japanese-style garden with a pond or stream.
  • A Japanese suburban streetscape.
  • A Japanese rural streetscape.
  • A Nice Boat (a small-medium size yacht would do)
  • The "Cafe Shanghai", described as "A traditional Japanese teahouse with a modern twist".
  • A dorm room.
That's it so far. I may add more in the future.