Monday, November 14, 2011


Hello this is Moekki and today I'm writing about Shizune. I have enjoyed drawing her alot and I think working on her design really helped me develop my style!
here is a diagram

Anyways, in chronological order:
A) Raita's initial design, coloured by some anonymous dude. Although many aspects of her design were drawn from this image, the teal coloured hair was scrapped almost immediately because it's ugly and only works on Miku.

B) 2007, the first game design adopted after the beginning of the project. This design was probably more influential on future designs than Raita's.

C) Wooooow what shitty art! This was after I first joined the project and it's completely horrible. However most of her design is set in stone now

D) I don't remember drawing this but I found it in my KS folder. This was during the intervening period before Kamifish kicked my ass, most of the artists were very dead for about 5 months. I think i tried to give her twin ahoge like hideaki but luckily it never came to fruition. I was still struggling to draw her hourglass figure

E) Her current design, I'm kind of impressed how much I improved that year! I didn't draw any concept art for this design and thus determined that concept art is useless for moeblob school girls. Zettai ryoiki has been discovered and things are good

THE FUTURE!) things are mostly the same but over time her bangs have slowly turned into cat ears

Guest art by VCR

Thankyou and good night
XOXO Moekki
(PS: This means the direction is done)

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