Sunday, March 21, 2010

Yuuko II: The Librarian Strikes Back

I could repeat what was said in the Emi upgrade blog post here, but that would be redundant, so I'll just keep it short. Produced by Kamifish, these new sprites wholly replace the Yuuko art from Act 1 and have a few tweaks to her character design in addition to higher quality art in order for her to better suit the other sprites in the game stylistically. Some on IRC may have seen this thanks to an accidental leak sneak preview given at the time.

We hope you enjoy her new look.

Aside from the new Yuuko sprites, progress on the game has been progressing smoothly. Lilly and Hanako's Act 2s are complete in terms of writing, art, and now direction, and so are now complete. Emi's Act 2 is very nearly in the same boat. In addition to this, new scenes and art are being produced as always.

 - Suriko

Edit: This is the last Act 1 character that will be recieving sprite changes.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

500,000 Blog Hits

Just a little while ago, the KS development blog reached the 500,000 hit mark. We'd like to thank all our fans for their patience with us, and we all hope that you'll enjoy the full game. In the meantime, we'll continue trucking on and giving you any notable updates as they come.

In celebration of this occasion is an image drawn by me of my dear Lilly, providing ample proof of why I am her writer and not her artist. You can thank the rest of the development team who was on IRC at the time for this.

- Suriko