Sunday, June 14, 2015

Katawa Shoujo at Comiket 88

The Katawa Shoujo Japanese translation team's glorious return to Comiket is happening this August. We will attend Comiket 88 at Tokyo Big Sight on Sunday, August 16th. Our table number is east hall 2, space T-30a.

Katawa Shoujo Japanese hardcopies will be available. Hope to see you there!

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Katawa Shoujo 1.3.1 release and the end of support

Katawa Shoujo 1.3.1 is released! It contains several script fixes for the Japanese localization. 

Download the release from our website or directly from these links:

Torrent: Windows | Mac OS X | Linux
DDL: Windows | Mac OS X | Linux

This is in all likelihood the final release of Katawa Shoujo ever.

This release also marks the end of official support for KS. From now on we won't guarantee technical or emotional support for Katawa Shoujo-related issues. Regardless, you can still contact 4LS at our email, social media, forums or IRC for any reason, as before.

In the absence of official support for translation projects, we've made an instruction set to facilitate releasing independent translations. 4LS won't guarantee to provide any kind of support to any translation project from this point forwards, but we wish any prospective or ongoing translation project the best of luck. See here for the instructions and the translation license.

Thanks to everyone who made all of this possible.

- Aura

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