Monday, June 24, 2013

New Katawa Shoujo release upcoming, the party is in Paris

Katawa Shoujo 1.1 will be released on the second weekend of July. The main feature of the new release will be the French language localization, the first of the Katawa Shoujo translation projects to come to completion. The translation was done by a French amateur translation team, Kawa-soft, who will be present at Japan Expo happening in Paris, France from 4th to 7th of July. Here are a few words from them:
Hello to you all, we're Kawa-Soft! 
Our goal is to promote visual novels to everyone who is French-speaking. We translate VNs - always with the proper permission to do so, legally. Everybody at Kawa Soft loves the idea of having a nice international VN collection. Kawa-soft is a nonprofit organization and the few profits (when we don’t just lose money) we make are only used to pay for the booths at conventions and the costs of printing physical releases. 
Katawa Shoujo is the biggest project we've had at Kawa Soft. And for this occasion, we wanted to do something special. This year, we are publishing a 60 page Katawa Shoujo artbook and the KS physical edition will consist of a fancy Digipak case with a full color manual. Additionally, there's a “collector's” edition which combines the Digipak of the game, the game’s OST in CD format, the artbook and a special cloth bag.
Of course, the artbook will be available online for free shortly after. 
On another note, we are doing a lottery with a few games but we'll announce it officially soon on our website, we are for now really busy getting things done for Japan Expo. For the same reason, we don't have any pictures to show you because everything is currently under production... but as soon as we have some, we'll post them on our blog. 
For more information, please follow this link (except for this page, everything else is in French, sorry). 
That's all folks! Hope to see you at our booth.


    Kawa Soft staff.

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