Thursday, May 9, 2013

Katawa Shoujo at Tokyo events and Japanese translation progress

KS Japanese translation team held a desk in COMIC1☆7 (April 28) and COMITIA 104 (May 5) during the Golden Week holidays in Japan. COMIC1 is an all-genre doujin event resembling Comiket to some extent, and Comitia is an event dedicated to original (not fan-creation) doujins.

We had a large number of visitors in both the events. It was very encouraging to see that so many people are continuously looking forward to the release of KS in Japanese language. Of course there were many questions about how far the translation has progressed. We are trying our best to meet the expectations of all the fans.

The entire game draft has been translated, and we are in the reviewing phase right now. Since a review will not get completed in just a single pass, it is difficult to give a clear-cut number. Our plan is to complete and hand over the entire translation within 1 year.

Other notable questions we had:
- How will the Japanese version be released? : Most likely as an update to the current full version, with the Japanese text merged in, similar to Act 1.
- Releasing in physical media? : No plans as of now.
- This game made a huge news a few years back! : (Yeah that's us)

We'll continue to post our progress in this blog so please keep watching.

- hir