Friday, May 30, 2008

Developer Stream of Consciousness, chapter 23

Fragmented thoughts I have had as of late and related newsish things

Developing a game slowly is preferred here.

Which is why I have at least two dozen ideas for the fabled "next project".

Related to the above- 1984: The Eroge must see the light of the day somehow.

Even more related: a character design for Syme-ko, by moekki iirc:Orwell's rotation speed in his grave would probably be enough to power three medium-sized cities at this point.

If someone lives in a dorm and owns a camera, getting us some pictures of various dorm rooms could be potentially awesome. We need backgrounds. Contact us if you can help.

Addition to above: Also the rooftop of the school would be superb.

We also have yet again broken milestones with word counts, thank god it's over soon.

God damn Emi is tiny. Her ingame sprite looks ridiculously cute because of its miniscule size when compared to everything else show on the screen. She's like some kind of a moe midget.

I hope KS wasn't the first game we'd made. I don't think there is a single thing we have done "right", at least from the get-go... and as a result there are all kinds of suboptimal solutions and funny things.

Still, it seems to work and it's good. So no complaints. And it progresses. Slowly as the steps of Shimako on the ginko-leaf covered walkpaths of Lillian.

Which is what we prefer.


Friday, May 16, 2008