Saturday, May 7, 2011

After Comitia

So, Comitia 96 was today and as per the previous blog post, the Japanese translation team attended. Here's a translation of their post on their own blog:

We were at COMITIA!

This is the report blog post for attending Comitia 96 on May 5. Two from the Japanese TL team (hir and a-park) sat at the desk. It was amazing to see the work of over 1-2 years have actually materialized into actual CD. Being able to hold it in your hand makes it feel very special. Unexpectedly many people came by to pick up the booklet and Act 1 CD. That was very encouraging for us. Even some Comitia staff members purchased a copy. I guess KS is better known than we initially thought.

Box full of CDs (that's 100 copies per box)

This is how the desk looked like. We put some thoughts into making the display more attractive.

We aired the "SPIN" trailer on my laptop PC. The event goes on for about 5 hours so the battery wouldn't last... We used a-park's PC afterwards.

We tried to post live report on the blog from the venue but some trouble with the network connection prevented us from this. Bummer. There weren't many copies left over so we'll likely sell them out in the next summer Comiket. We may be able to think of other distribution methods after that. We don't have any further doujin plans as of yet, but it would be really cool if KS picks up some momentum in the Japanese doujin market.

We'll keep you updated on our activities so please stay tuned...

- hir

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