Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas from 4LS

Merry Christmas, everyone! Our traditional Secret Santa has been completed successfully, hopefully everyone has enjoyed the event as much as we have. Due to circumstances, we had one extra artwork done for the SS, which you can see above as a bonus. This lovely robotics themed illustration of the Katawa Shoujo cast is, of course, the work of the one and only kamifish.

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Monday, December 10, 2012

Four Leaf Studios Secret Santa 2012

We 4LS are in some odd ways a tightly knit bunch, which I guess is not surprising considering how much time we've spent together over the years. Along the way all sorts of habits, traditions and inside jokes pile up, the culture of this small group of internet friends. One of the 4LS traditions is to hold a fan art -themed Secret Santa in the month of December, and this year we're doing it again. I was roped into organizing the thing and invited 4LS members, KS translation team members and some friends of ours to participate and share the season's spirit.

Everyone got to make one wish for a piece of Katawa Shoujo fan art, and the requests were randomly distributed amongst the participants. Every day from tomorrow till Christmas Eve, we'll reveal one of the finished art pieces on our Secret Santa 2012 minisite. If you are following our twitter account, it will autotweet the reveals daily.

I hope this will make the Christmas season just a little bit more magical for you too!

- Aura

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