Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Developer's Diaries Episode 17

Hay guyz, TcDohl here. We've had quite a week, but we've made it. The most notable thing that we've had this week is we've recently hit our 200k word milestone (if you're curious, that word is "matter"). We've also had a huge spike in hits lately, thanks to a friend of the project, adxrun, who runs the dekunology blog. Suffice it to say that this blog post brought us more than 30% of our current hit count. In three days (also thanks to a 2ch thread that hit the thread limit of 1000 posts, caused by the blog post).

There was also a discussion on the title of our game (for a number of reasons, one reason being I myself always thought of "Katawa Shoujo" as a working title). The decision was to stay with "Katawa Shoujo" for now, but that didn't stop us from coming up with a few interesting titles. Here are some of them:

"Broken Hearts: Reverie of the Two"
"Coeur: Everything is Perfect"
"Coeur: Rhythm of Life"
"~命のチョウシ~" (Inochi no choushi - Rhythm of Life)

If you like what you see (more than our current title), please go ahead and bother us. I'm sure we'll respond in some way.