Thursday, February 28, 2008

DD #18: Calling Alpha testers, new BG call, and introducing the art team

Hay everyone. TcDohl here. A jam-packed Developer's Diaries for you this time around with lots of news. Firstly, we are making an open call for alpha testers to test the flow and gameplay of the game. Here are the requirements for being an alpha tester:
  • Must not be a part of the current development team.
  • Must not have read or have access to the development section of the boards.
  • Must be able to give instant response to us about a bug, or any overall game problem that one may have.
  • Must have a lot of free time to do lots of playthroughs.
  • Must not leak the alpha version.
Basically, the alpha tester will be responsible for reporting not only bugs, but the overall game experience. Specifically, the text flow and overall game flow must be critiqued. Alpha testers must also not only catch bugs, but must also try to 'break the game' in the game. The alpha version that we'll be handing out will use the art from the nonexistent demo that may or may not have been leaked last year. If you're interested, head over to the boards and apply over there. Alpha testing begins on Monday, 3 March, but you can apply at any time until we say so.

Secondly, we had a good amount of response from our BG open call, and were able to choose a couple of them to use in the final game. However, we still need a lot more, so I'll be expanding the open BG call for the following locations:
  • School nurse's office. There must be no window in the picture.
  • School gate. Must be a gate for an English public school or a private school that has Gothic Revival style architecture.
  • A solid metal door on a perimeter wall. Bonus points if it is green.
  • A shared dorm bathroom. Lots of showers and stuff.
  • A dressing room for a stage.
  • An art storage room.
  • A headmaster/principal's office. Bonus points if the windows are Gothic-like.
Remember that if you'll be submitting a photo, you must be the copyright holder and hand over or release the copyright of your photo to us or release it into the public domain. Found photos cannot be used.

Lastly, it's been a while now, but our art situation has gotten a lot better. The most recent development being our art team now having four members, and having a moemoe style. This is one CG that one of them has finished.

The art team are ambi07, silentkyon, ramoekki, and weeee. The CG shown above is by weeee.

The character sheet above is by silentkyon.