Monday, February 4, 2008

Developer Diaries, chapter 16

Busy busy busy. We are closing on the magical 200 000 words, only a few months after the previous milestone was reached. We are fighting out the last bumps on the demo, then we proofread it inhouse and then we think where we could find a few quality checkers to read through the developer alpha of the game to give the script the last polishing.

Jacob of Fakku graciously linked us, meaning that our humble project might just have gotten the attention of the finest elite of the internets' porn-hungry hentai aficionados. Doki doki. It occurs to me that our other assets are not very easily reachable from here, so if your interest is piqued, here:
IRC channel: irc://
Developement forums: Katawa Shoujo


I thought I'd post an teaser excerpt from one of the actual game paths, and this weeks winner is Suriko, with this piece of text only called by its mysterious developement codename, L11.


Affectionately pawing Hanako's face with the backs of her fingers, her face looms barely inches above Hanako's face. Hanako's amethyst eyes shy away to the side, unable to meet the gentle gaze of Lilly. Her hair gently brushed aside, the cheek-born scars play their familiar melody across her face, an unseen rhapsody in red.

Nervously held to her chest, her arms tense slightly, her breasts filling out around the smooth backs of her hands.

"L-Lilly... please..."

Taking the side of her face in the palm of her hand, her delicate pale lips brush those of Hanako. Hanako's body relaxes, and for a fleeting second, Lilly's breath gently caresses her face.

As she pulls back, Hanako returns her gentle gaze. Lilly leans in for another kiss. This time though, it overflows with passion, a lustful grab for Hanako's breath.

"Mmmmm.... Mmm..."

Lilly's lust flows over into Hanako, the last vestiges of resistance dissolving in the onslaught. What was a trickle of desire is now a raging torrent of passion, the atmosphere between the two changing perceptibly.

Hanako slowly raises her arms to hold Lilly's snow-white back, her fingers as touching the flawless skin of her pale shoulderblades. Slowly withdrawing her lips from those of Hanako, Lilly slowly lowers herself to Hanako's full breasts. The hands on Lilly's back helplessly slide off and onto the bed, the gaze of her companion transfixed upon her.

"My my, Hana-chan, such a beautiful body..."

A deep breath is the only answer to be given, and the only answer required.

I don't bother to rant about anything so I hope the above is sufficient for a proper diary entry.

- Aura