Friday, May 1, 2009

Some Short Questions, Some Short Answers

  • Will there be sex/H-scenes?
Yes. There will also be a togglable option in the configuration menu for the game to skip the H-scenes.
  • Will there be voices?
No. We decided on this a few months ago for a number of reasons, including (but not limited) to: Sheer amount of dialogue, the need to freeze scripts once voicing is done, need for VAs for every character, and bloating of the already somewhat large number of developers. Please don't apply to be a voice actor, because won't accept any. Sorry.
  • Will there be episodic releases?
No. The next release will be the full game (ie. there will not be Act 2, Act 3, etc, releases).
  • Will you be charging money for the full game?
No. If you really want to monetarily help us, please give the money to a charity. They need it much more than we do.
  • Will you be adding drawn backgrounds?
No. Neither will we accept offers for people to make them. This is due to both the sheer number of backgrounds required, and the fact that the photographic backgrounds meet our needs as-is.