Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Seven days later...

I don't know what we were expecting prior to release. Maybe we knew that something like this might happen, but deep down, I'm surprised and happy about how Act 1 has been received. Act 1 has been downloaded somewhere in the ballpark of 15 000 - 20 000 times in a week's time and most people seem to think we did all right on this one.

For a few days now, we've been looking at the wasteland of unfinished things and gigantic TODO-lists that should be shaped into the full version of KS, and most devs have started chipping away at their workloads. We have talked a lot about the feedback we've received, and discussed what lessons we have learned from this release. Act 1 set a bar for us and I guess now it's time to do even better.

Thank you for the support, words of encouragement, offers of help, translation projects, feedback, critique, improbable comments, fanart, bug and typo corrections and all the other things that have happened in the past week. It's been the best, if also busiest, week I've had as a KS dev so far.