Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Katawa Shoujo Act 1 Preview released!


Direct Downloads:

So, we finally let the world see something concrete of our magnum opus, a preview of what's to come. I wonder what people are expecting when they open the game, especially the ones who are familiar with the project. The concept, when explained in the shortest possible manner ("a cripple dating game") sounds like something no sane man should have anything to do with, but hopefully the treatment we are giving to RAITA's idea is a satisfying experience. At the very least, I hope you have as much fun reading it as we had making it. From now on, we'll be working to finish the full version that contains the path stories.

Honestly, this much already feels like an achievement, looking back to all this time and the things that we've been through. There is no way I can concisely describe all of what has happened. There are a lot of things. Sediments of fossilized developement material on top of each other. Silly anecdotes about the daily life of a virtual game developement studio. People come, people gone. Blood and sweat and tears. You know something has been going for a long time when you can feel nostalgic about the early days, and this project really has been one big journey. But we have gotten somewhere now. We can look forward to the end of the road. It's still some way ahead, but it's there, somewhere.

See you all there.

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