Saturday, May 15, 2010

Katawa Shoujo Act 1 version 3 released!

Four Leaf Studios is officially announcing the release of Katawa Shoujo Act1 version 3. This update adds two main items: a full translation to Japanese and new art sets for Emi and Yuuko, as well as a number of minor improvements and corrections.

You can download v3 as a standalone package from links below. Old savegames from v1 or v2 might not be functional after installing v3. As always, we are thankful for torrent seeding help, in lieu of earlier versions.

Linux torrent
Mac torrent
Windows torrent

Direct download from our mirror providers has been added to the download page.

-Japanese translation and manual
-New art set for Emi
-New art set for Yuuko
-New 4LS splash movie
-New act title card graphic
-several music tracks rerendered
-several script adjustments
-a choice clarification
-fixed a game flow bug

As with v2 release, this release is not recommended for those who have played an earlier version. You may want to check out the new art sets, but the changes to the English/Italian/Chinese scripts are very minor. Naturally, new players are recommended to choose v3 over older versions. We hope everyone will enjoy this release and looks forward to the full game, and extend our warm congratulations to the Japanese translation team for completing their project.

In a related note, the first anniversary of Katawa Shoujo Act1 release passed a while back. We would like to thank everyone who has become a part of this silly, funny, improbable project during this time. Everyone who has given feedback, participated in discussion on forum or IRC, written fanfiction or drawn art, fallen hopelessly in love with one of the girls, given a word of encouragement, laughed and cried when reading our words, dazed by our pictures and music, everyone who has jumped down the rabbit hole into our world: Thank you so much. We are very fortunate to have so many people support us in this project.