Sunday, December 13, 2009

Act 1 V2 Release

Four Leaf Studios would like to announce the official release of Act 1 V2.

Windows Act 1 V2
Linux Act 1 V2
Mac Act 1 V2
Help in seeding these would be greatly appreciated, in lieu of the previous Act 1 torrent.

Direct Download:
Links will come later if/when we find volunteers.
UPDATE: Thanks to Eksopl and magz, DDLs are now available from the download page.

This updated version of the previous Act 1 game preview includes:

* Traditional Chinese localization
* Simplified Chinese localization
* Italian manual
* New Windows installer, KS now by default starts up in the language the installer was run in

* No longer raises DEP errors under Vista
* Should now at least start on low-resolution displays
* Various typo and grammar fixes
* Flow fixes, all scenes should now unlock properly

This release is not recommended for those who already played the initial Act 1 release - the changes to the English part are minimal. However, for archival or new players, this effectively replaces the old release.

We hope that everyone, especially Chinese speakers, enjoy this updated release and will be looking forward to the full game.