Monday, January 12, 2009

Website Translations

The official website now supports multiple languages, thanks to the backend work of Delta.

Silentcook's kindly provided us with an Italian translation, but we would also gladly accept a Japanese translation for the website from any Japanese people willing to do so.

The main reasons for wanting a Japanese-translated version of the website is that many of our blog hits are Japanese (usually the second or first highest nationality, in fact), and that there has been much discussion of Katawa Shoujo on Japanese BBSs and blogs. For them to have access to the same amount of information as English-speakers would be a great bonus. Note that we are not promising a Japanese translation of the game, though the possibility does exist.

If you want to contact us regarding this, you can email us, make a post on our forums, or drop into our IRC channel, as per the information on the side of this page.