Thursday, November 15, 2007

Developer Diaries, Chapter Nine! (Oops! I did it again!)

An omake scene located here about an intimate moment between Lilly and her best friend has evoked quite a lot of discussion, enthusiasm, and disgust recently. One wonders what kind of H-Scenes will end up in the actual game; after all, they are the most eagerly anticipated element of it. (On average, at least, pleasantly enough, some people still seem to care about the plot over the porn...thank god.)

Katawa Shoujo will be relatively light on porn, probably…maybe. We ended up with an approach that tries to avoid the two common mistakes that games of this genre usually fall victim to: Using the awful plot as a thinly-veiled excuse to shove masses of h-scenes into the viewer’s face, or slapping unrelated porn on top of an otherwise perfectly good game. The reason? The hentai in Katawa Shoujo is not going to be the critical original content, save maybe for some quirks related to the uniqueness of each of the heroines. Even so, I’m fairly certain that someone, somewhere (probably in Japan), has already drawn/written whatever is going to happen in those scenes. Despite our being amateurs, we rather focus on the story and the plot, than just the porn and fanservice, slap it together, and call it a game. It is the opinion of this writer that most H-scenes are forgettable anyway, a good story? Hopefully not so much.

Nevertheless, there will be both fanservice and H-scenes, when we get around to doing those, I think they’ll be great fun. I believe that most of our creative team is somewhat new to writing/drawing porn, so we’ll have to see what happens (Incidentally, our artist, Shu, recently drew her first penis ever a few days ago…how cute….The fact that it was a futanari pic made the occasion slightly….less happy, though.)

If, and I’m not saying whether or not it will, or will not happen, just if) we feel like venting steam after the game is complete, we’ll look into writing some fanservice scenes or convert scenes written by other people into game format and release a ‘Fun-Disc’ of sorts.

- Katawa Shoujo Minister of Propaganda

PS: here's some extra lovin' from the art department