Monday, July 28, 2014

Katawa Shoujo 1.2 released - Spanish localization added

Katawa Shoujo adds a new localization in a fresh update - Spanish! Two and a half years after the original release, another hardworking translation team has successfully completed their project of localizing the full visual novel. Let's hear some thoughts from the team:
We are the guys who translated Katawa Shoujo into Latin American Spanish, but you'll see the option as "International Spanish" within the game. We were given the chance to give the fans a message. Because of a lack of imagination, this'll be a history lesson.

The beginnings of this project were pretty shaky. In the days when the KS demo was the only thing that had been released to the public, a group of fans wanted to work a Spanish translation into the demo, though for whatever reason that didn't occur. Later in time, past mid 2011, one of us thought that it would probably be interesting to start the translation anew, see how things went from there. But 2012 rolled in and Katawa Shoujo v1.0 came with it, that meant the project would have to either be cancelled or reworked and extended to encompass the full game. For better or worse, the latter was chosen.
Up to that point, it was pretty much a one-man-show, making progress a very slow thing. That changed momentarily when a new member was added, yet it wasn't long before things came to a stop once again. Soon after, the project was left to die a very slow death.
As luck would have it, though, someone else appeared asking about this mess, wanting to help. With that new addition to the team, progress picked up again, then came the site, the forums, the IRC channel... Afterwards everything started taking proper form with new team members signing up and followers popping in. But even then nothing really went smoothly, during the lifetime of the project, some highs were reached as well as very deep lows, with many instances of people vanishing, leaving things unfinished at best. Nevertheless, to some of us it was too late to quit.

We are a group without a name, most without a past in the medium of visual novels, with no experience in translation, and probably without future projects. The goal was always to deliver a translation of the best quality we could offer. We are aware that the Spanish-speaking world is vast and varied, but we hope that most people find our work acceptable and enjoy the game for what it is.

After struggling for over two years with this, we can finally say that we're done and that Katawa Shoujo v1.2 is out now. To those who stayed and helped, this translation is for you. Thank you, and good bye.

Get the new release from the Katawa Shoujo website, or from these links:

Torrent: Windows | Mac OS X | Linux
DDL: Windows | Mac OS X | Linux

As always with our releases, 1.2 is a standalone replacement for previous KS releases and is the recommended version for new readers. For the people already done with the story, unless you're interested in the new language option or obsessed with minor language corrections, there's little need to get the new version. Naturally we and your hispanophone friends will certainly appreciate any help at seeding the torrents.

- Aura

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