Friday, August 16, 2013

Summer Comiket event report

Hi from the Japanese translation team!

It's been some days after the summer Comiket. A warm thank you to everyone who came to our table, despite the extreme heat on that day. Both the new and the previous books sold well, thanks to the support from all of you. The stock of Tomorrow/Today books that we brought for the day even got sold out.

As for the surprise which we did not disclose until the day of the event, we had Raide, one of the 4LS devs and Lilly's artist, came and sit with us. He is on a trip to Japan and managed to drop by on the Comiket. This is the first occasion where a KS dev has personally sat at our booth. If in case you came by, you might have noticed him wearing a Kumamon cap in the back.

When we blundered and forgot to bring all the poster arts, Raide immediately saved the day by sketching up a number of drawings of KS heroines. Also for the first time we were able to respond to sketchbook requests. 5 out of 6 requests were of Hanako, showing her dominating popularity yet again.

We would like to thank Raide and another western fan who helped us, Lawls, for their support.

We saw many non-Japanese visitors coming to our booth, even more than in previous events. It may be that Comiket is becoming increasingly internationalized. We will hanging out again at Big Sight for Comitia 105 on August 18th. Please drop by if you didn't have the chance to come to Comiket.

Regarding the translation progress, our initial draft is complete and we are now in the reviewing phase. This is taking more effort than expected, and we do not have a clear view ahead as of now. We think it will take some time before we are able to report concrete progress.

We apologize for the long wait, and would like to ask for your patience.

- hir

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