Sunday, February 6, 2011

Lilly Path Direction Complete

Lilly path's script and direction are now complete and final. Hooray!

To round out the blog post, it's time for another character art recap, with Lilly being the one covered in this installment.

Lilly's design is somewhat divorced from Raita's original sketch, which depicted her as young and quite frail, with the tagline "a bit cliched". For some reason this was forgotten almost immediately, in liue of a reserved and motherly personality. This change was primarily seen in the early written character concepts for her, but would also all but set how she would be visually depicted in the future.

Time passed, and Ke^4 became our artist. His version of Lilly drew its colour scheme from the anonymously coloured version of Raita's sketches; blonde-haired and blue-eyed, in very typical "anime foreigner" tradition. Her hair was simplified, becoming wavy rather than having many loose strands, and her black ribbon became a staple of her design thereafter.

Gebyy-Terar, Lilly's next artist after Ke^4's leaving, produced the second set of Lilly sprites. These used the new version of the Yamaku uniform, switched her to wearing white stockings, set Lilly's front lock of hair, and also made her bangs somewhat thinner.

Finally, Raide was hired to take up the mantle of Lilly's artist after Gebyy left. Through extensive discussion, Lilly's bangs were simplified into their current form, her hair was lengthened, her proportions fixed to fitting her 171cm height, and her skirt lengthened to accentuate her reserved nature. It was not until now that her poses and expression set were finalised, her walking cane added, and her alternate outfits decided upon and drawn.

So that's the evolution of Lilly's art, and the state of where her path is at.

- Suriko

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